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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Originally Posted by 9erempiree
I'm saying it's impossible to know where someone is if they just pressed their floor.

I just want you to explain how someone would know where you're staying at by just pressing your floor? I'm not saying exact room but they won't be able to know which floor you are at.

It is perfectly possible for people to know which floor you are going to if you press only 1 button. Most modern elevators will tell the person waiting for the elevator which floor it is going to and where it is going to be on. By pressing multiple floors let's just say she is wanting to go to floor 3, but she presses 5, the suspect will see that and run to floor 5, and since 5 is a huge floor, it'll take a while for him to figure out she is not on there. If he doesn't chase her and waits at the elevator to see where she is going, she would be at 5 different floors which would virtually make it impossible for him to start looking for her without her making it back to her room safely.

I think although she was scared, she was just trying to get away and didn't think it'll lead to her murder at the time.
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