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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

IMHO opinion...

- Nothing in the video shows her to be "scared" or "panicking".

- She looks normal walking in the elevator.....she hops out at one point....she even open steps/side steps like someone in a marching band/ drill team.

- She looks like she is under the influnce of some type of alchohol/Medication or drug that is making her act silly/disoreanted...

- also Looking at the water tanks on the roof....

- there are 2 ways to access the top of the tank,

1) put a ladder resting on the side of the tank....climb up the 8' ladder to reach the top.

2) Next to the tanks there is a 2 story service room, it has a roof acces ladder permantley mounted to the wall....climb up the ladder to the roof of the room, climb down from the roof onto the tank

the 2 men in the picture are standing on top of the service room.

- I think she was 5' 5" 115lbs.

- I don't think anyone could climb the ladder ( on the service room) trying to carry a 115lbs body....I've climbed many of those's very hard to climb them with a 10lbs tool belt much less a 115lbs

- Putting a ladder on the side of the tank would be easier ( still very hard...but easier then the service room ladder)..the ladder would angled slightly/ and you have another tank next to you for leverage incase you need to rest

- again....anyone who thinks they could climb a 8' or 12' ladder carrying a 115lbs...try it!'s really hard.

- this means ....

A) she climbed up there by herself ( her body didn't have any trauma)...and climbed inside the tank opening ( 18" X 16" wide)

B) someone ( or 2 people) carryed her and put her inside the tank....( they would have to know teh Hotel really well and be strong enough to place her up ther.

- part of me thinks she was really out of her mind and climbed in the tank on her own willpower.....carrying her body seems like a really hard thing to do.
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