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Default Bobby Brown and Rudy Fernandez do it again!

Bobby Brown 12 points and 4 assists (tied for most assists in game) in Montepaschi's 18 point victory over Fernerbache. Montepaschi is now 7-2 in the top 16 with Brown leading them in points and assists.

Rudy Fernandez 9 points (2nd on team) 11 rebounds (lead game) 4 assists (led team) and 3 steals (lead team) in Real Madrid's 3 point victory over Brose Baskets. Madrid is now 8-1 in the top 16 with Rudy leading them in points and steals and 2nd in assists.

From NBA back-ups to Euroleague super stars!

Congrats to Bobby Brown and Rudy!!!
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