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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by maybeshewill13
How do you historically rank wrestlers when it's all set up and the winners are per-determined? Is it by entertainment value? Showmanship? Legit question.

we all have our preferences but yes, entertainment value and showmanship are among some of the factors. there's also gimmick (presentation), technical skills, performance, consistency and mic skills. shit, just like in other sports, can they step up on the big stage? are they good at carrying feuds? there's also wrestlers that can make others look their best. danielson has seriously made matches. you can argue miz, dolph, sin cara, dibiase, etc. all had their best matches w/ DB.

historically? i guess some people like to factor in draws/buy rates which makes sense but i was never too huge into that. you like what you like...i've liked guys gimmicks so much that i've overlooked some of their other non-factors (razor ramon). or i've liked guys that weren't major draws at all (some cruiserweights).

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