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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
IMHO opinion...

- Nothing in the video shows her to be "scared" or "panicking".

- She looks normal walking in the elevator.....she hops out at one point....she even open steps/side steps like someone in a marching band/ drill team.

- She looks like she is under the influnce of some type of alchohol/Medication or drug that is making her act silly/disoreanted...

- also Looking at the water tanks on the roof....

- there are 2 ways to access the top of the tank,

1) put a ladder resting on the side of the tank....climb up the 8' ladder to reach the top.

2) Next to the tanks there is a 2 story service room, it has a roof acces ladder permantley mounted to the wall....climb up the ladder to the roof of the room, climb down from the roof onto the tank

the 2 men in the picture are standing on top of the service room.

- I think she was 5' 5" 115lbs.

- I don't think anyone could climb the ladder ( on the service room) trying to carry a 115lbs body....I've climbed many of those's very hard to climb them with a 10lbs tool belt much less a 115lbs

- Putting a ladder on the side of the tank would be easier ( still very hard...but easier then the service room ladder)..the ladder would angled slightly/ and you have another tank next to you for leverage incase you need to rest

- again....anyone who thinks they could climb a 8' or 12' ladder carrying a 115lbs...try it!'s really hard.

- this means ....

A) she climbed up there by herself ( her body didn't have any trauma)...and climbed inside the tank opening ( 18" X 16" wide)

B) someone ( or 2 people) carryed her and put her inside the tank....( they would have to know teh Hotel really well and be strong enough to place her up ther.

- part of me thinks she was really out of her mind and climbed in the tank on her own willpower.....carrying her body seems like a really hard thing to do.

We are talking about hiding a body here. If someone really wants to hide this body, they will go to great lengths to do it, so if it is doable, and it looks like it since she's not that heavy and the ladder is not that high, then it could be possible multiple suspects were able to put her body in there. Even the dog police could not pick up her scent, so that meant she didn't walk there, she was carried.

I think she could be drugged though, but I don't think she would kill herself if she was on drugs. It just sounds so stupid. Some guy even said she prob was thirsty and looking for some water and somehow she fell in there and killed herself. Really.
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