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Default The BigAss 2nd term thread

A place for politics.

Bunch of stuff happened recently that is pretty interesting politics-wise.

We know have new Secretary of State: John Kerry. Which means there will be a Senate race in Massachusetts. And the last Republican who won a Senate race in MA, doesn't want the job. Scott Brown who won his seat during height of the Tea Party and the probable nadir of the Obama administration, doesn't want the Job. Instead he will join Fox News.

Fox News meanwhile has recognized it needs to make some changes to help support the Republican party better and they have dropped Sarah Palin and Dick Morris who was comically wrong about nearly everything. Fox is still the highest rated news channel, but their ratings are down. Some have speculated that viewers have tuned them out after they predicted Romney would win and the truth was Obama won by almost 4 percentage points and it was wasn't too hard to predict. Either way their audience is aging out of the demographic that is the most valuable for advertisers. Talk radio ratings seem to be down as well. Clear Channel has been losing money.

Obama's election has led to what promises to be ongoing fight for control of the Republican Party. Karl Rove got compared to a Nazi the other day."]The establishment is trying to kick the Tea Party [/url]overboard and the Tea Party is riled to vote in another two terrible Senate candidates in Republican primaries....which if they hadn't done in the two previous cyles, they might have controlled the Senate.

How bad is it? Karl Rove got called a Nazi the other day by conservatives. Chris Christie who is possibly the most popular Republican in the country was not invited to a conservative gathering this month and might have trouble going through republican primaries.

The split in the Republican Party was evident during the confirmation voting for Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. Hagel, a Republican and a Senator from Nebraska actually had other Republicans filibuster him. We have never had a filibuster over a defense secretary ever.
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