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Default Re: Still not ready to fire Grunwald?

You people are talking about Isiah? What the **** is wrong with you? Those teams were completely mismatched messes. This team has more talent, it fits better, and it's not all bad character guys. Isiah's most talented team had Randolph and Crawford, these are not building block guys and they were just as highly paid as the Knicks now.

The Knicks have another year with this team, and then room to reload again. The only long contracts are novak, kidd & camby and they aren't big.

I know people bitch almost reflexively but wanting to fire the GM and talking about Isiah? You're not Knick fans, you are haters pretending to be fans because if you are longing for Isiah you just want to bitch.

The playoffs have not started yet, you can't make broad sweeping changes five times a year.
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