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Default Re: Alex Smith traded to KC

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Did the Chiefs really overpay that much? The Pats got a 2nd rounder for Matt Cassel. The Eagles got DRC and a 2nd rounder for Kevin Kolb. You can say that was a mid-2nd round pick, but Kolb didn't really do that much in Philly.

Their QB play was absolutely dreadful, so KC had to do something. I guess time will tell.

The thing is that Smith could have been easily cut due to the cap bonus the Niners were going to have to pay him by April and it's not useful to have a backup QB at $8.5mil. But I guess the demand for him was high.

Reid apparently likes Alex Smith alot as a QB. I've read that during last years off-season(or was it during the lockout?) that Reid was intrigued by him and was considering making him an offer.

Smith is also a very good QB with room to improve. I think Reid will change his offensive strategy as well now that he has the pieces to do so. With Philly the offense was built around speedsters in Jackson, Maclin, McCoy while in KC they have the potential to be a very balanced offense. Great running game, physical WR in Bowe, solid offensive line(should get better with Joeckle)
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