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Default Re: Top 20 Cities For Pizza

Originally Posted by miller-time
When I was overseas both in New York and Europe I had some of the best pizzas ever. The best I've ever had was actually at an Italian restaurant in Paris. Pizza in Australia is very ordinary, so I've decided to learn to make my own. Just need a starting point, I've never really cooked from scratch before (except for roast dinners and curries). I usually just buy a base and pre made sauce - but they aren't getting the job done
hah, paris! i was too busy wolfing down the rustic blue plates, wine and cheese to even think of that. i did have really nice thin artichoke pizza in firenze, once, but that was a long time ago and i can't remember it very well. my euro trips were far too short. :/

how about this- have you tried making white pizza with fresh tomato slices, fresh basil, spinach and olive oil? as in, put the sauce and cheese aside for a moment and see if that helps. or maybe just use a little bit of hard grating cheese to add the savory and salt you want.

from what i've read in the past, original pizza was more like thin bread with some herbs and olive oil on top. only later did massive amounts of cheese and tomato sauce start to get added, and i'm not convinced it was really such a great move...
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