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Default Re: Still not ready to fire Grunwald?

Originally Posted by knickscity
All i care for is the win, for all the so called "talent" Isiah brought in... look at what he gave up.

Noah, Aldridge, Nene, Ariza, just to name a few.

Best team the Knicks have had in a decade courtesy of Glen Grunwald, cap expert turned GM.

All i want is for the team to play the way they should.
Listen lets put this IT shat to bed, I dont care about IT. I never said I wanted him back and I didnt bring him up you did. My point being is he had some talented teams thats it, not winners, not championship players etc... I said also he loved to make moves just to make moves and he didnt try to find a quality coach.

The best team in a decade? Dolan/Walsh/Grunwald has done a little bit better. the previous regimes were less than mediocre and this current regime mediocre. But its all in context. Lin's stretch last year got the Knicks into playoff contention from something like 8-15 (fluke), this year role players got the Knicks to 18-5 into the playoff contention (fluke). This regime has been saved by 2 miracles.

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