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Default Re: Still not ready to fire Grunwald?

Originally Posted by niko

Is this a title winning team? No, but at least there is a cohesive thought process in what is being done. Don't fire anyone, keep the course and see what happens. If you constantly recycle in new people you never go anywhere or accomplish anything.

Just wait and have some patience. Knick fans look for reasons to be unhappy.
Just quoting myself from the other thread. I want this team to live up the hype and prove me wrong. Show me that its an ECF type team even in a weak East

Well its March and now I can start to get on this team and coach. If the coach is worth his salt this team should show what this team is the identity should have started establishing itself.

If Stat and Melo are worth anything this team in conjunction with Woody can show the fans something.

IMHO the only players that have shown me anything worth keeping is Stat, Melo, Felton, JR, Chandler but I know the fact is the roster needs a MAJOR upgrade (addition by subtraction works too) but Grummy (Grunwald hasnt impressed me) or a better coach. So the players under multi year deals are not going anywhere most likely ( I can wish Camby and Kidd retires), Grummy most likely isnt going anywhere, Woody most likely isnt going anywhere.

My expectations are different than other fans. I know this team is a 42-44 win team. So for me to say they have to win a 1st round series or go to the ECF I look ridiculous and crazy. I havent seen anything to change that..

I just want to see progress. I just want to see the next 2 years will be better I want hope.

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