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Default Re: Who still Believes? (Something positive)

Originally Posted by Rameek
What have you seen from this team to justify this expectation. IMHO you cant say because of 18-5 when JR, Novak, Kidd, Brewer couldnt miss.

What is the tangible evidence that this team is that good?
What have I seen from other teams in this conference to say that they are better than us ?
Of course Miami is better. That's not even arguable. But other teams don't look any better than us. Bulls owned us in the regular season but we've seen what happened to them without Rose in the playoffs last year.
Pacers are good but they don't have a go to guy and who knows would they even advance to the 2nd round last year if they didn't face Dwight-less Magic in the 1st round.
Hawks and Bucks suck,Celtics are tough but are missing some key players and haven't really played well this season. I don't see why the Nets are better than us either.

So let me get this straight. We aren't a great team but besides Miami there aren't any great teams in the conference and that's why we need to get out of the 1st round.

We're arguable the 2nd best teams in the conference. Surely top4. That's why the 1st round exit would be a failure.
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