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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

At the :54 mark of the elevator video she clearly sees or hears something that startles her, like she's been noticed but then tries to hold it together. At the 1:58 mark when she starts making the weird hand gestures it's like she is beside herself as to why the elevator doors weren't closing, like she was trying to interact with them in some way. She was absolutely paralyzed with fear at this point. It also seems like she was interacting with someone, pleading. I don't see why a girl who was traveling to a different country would start doing drugs in a sketchy hotel all alone in a city that was foreign to her and then somehow end up naked and dead in a water tank, especially if she has no known history of this sort of behavior.

This was murder, and honestly I can't watch that video without tears welling up in my eyes. I hope justice will be served.
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