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Default Re: The BigAss 2nd term thread

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
In what ways was he to the right of Bush?

Sotomayor vs Alito?
Kagan vs John Roberts?
Hilliary/Kerry vs Powell/Condi?
Eric Holder vs Ashcroft/Gonzales/Mukasey?
Biden vs Cheney?
Gates/Panetta/Hagel vs Rumsfeld/Gates

Hyperbole much? You don't seriously believe that do you? Bush's main goal in the second terms was to privatize social security.

If Obama was so right-wing, what was all the conservative anger about? Was that just racism?

Oh, I get it. You're trying pretend Bush wasn't a conservative, just like all those folks who pretend that Bush wasn't representative of the Republican party. The guy won two terms and they still won't have him at the convention.

Libs are constantly denying Obama is really a republican(Obama's first term)
Obama signed two extensions of the Patriot Act, signed NDAA into law (allows for indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without charges), assassinated an American citizen (Bush didn't even do this), kept Guantanamo open (after promising to close it in his first year), kept Monsanto people high up in the FDA (Christine Escobar), still raids legal medical marijuana facilities (after saying he would stop this practice), tripled the number of troops in Afghanistan (morphed it from an anti-terror campaign to a nation building campaign), kept Bush's guy running the federal reserve , extended the Bush tax cuts, opposed any effort to re-institute Glass-Steagall , mandated all citizens make a purchase from a for-profit company (rehashed REPUB. idea from the early 90s), send more illegal immigrants back to Mexico than Bush, kill lists, pharma deal, Affordable Care act was a 90s repub idea. Also...he doesn't give a fvck about the environment.

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