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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

How can people read so much into grainy footage? She looks calm at the beginning of the video and looks like she gets frustrated. You can see that the elevator door was about to close, but didn't because she pressed the 'door hold' button. That's when she seems to get frustrated. She pops her head out to see if anyone is in the hallway who might've pressed the button. Then, it looks like her frustration grows when the door still doesn't close. It kind of appears as if she's wondering if someone is messing with her now since the door still won't close. It almost seems like she's trying to catch someone in the act of pressing the button and then hiding, but maybe I'm reading too far into it with that. When she goes out into the hall, then that's when she starts acting erratically. Is she scared or is she just frustrated? Too bad the footage is grainy or we might have a better idea what was going on there.

Why are some people saying the only roof access was through a locked door with an alarm while other places are saying: "Police said the only routes to the roof where her body was found were via a fire escape, or a locked, alarmed door accessible only to hotel staff"?
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