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Default Re: Atheism vs. Theism

Originally Posted by KingBeasley08
What's the point in arguing? You aren't convincing anyone. That whole 'winner' shit is part of the problem. They take the whole argument like its a contest and come off as big losers. It is impossible to 'win' against a religious person

I only used the term 'winner' because you called them losers for trying to argue and use research to prove whatever point.

Like I said earlier.. Atheists generally argue the point because it is almost impossible not to..

Like I said, if you hear someone (a grown man or woman) arguing that Santa Clause is real? you arent going to just laugh it off. You might laugh while you point out how ridiculous it is, but you wont always just laugh and say "why try?"

I mean the spaghetti monster is totally a ridiculous idea, and if someone were seriously argue that it is real? they get laughed and ridiculed at the same time.

I understand how religious feel disrespected by atheists, but there is almost no other way to view religion if you arent religious. You can tolerate it as long people dont keep saying silly things in front of you.. If they do that? then people feel the need to challenge it (because it is usually easily challenged)
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