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Default Re: The Ravens and Joe Flacco Have Agreed to a New Contract

Originally Posted by knickballer
You can but you pretty much need efficient salary cap management. WR's adn RB's are usually dispensable with a great passing game. More so with RB's as they are a dime in a dozen and a great passing game can thrive without great WR's. So I don't see both teams locking in huge money into those positions and I won't be surprised if Ray Rice will be dealt in the future(probably a wise move since Pierce is on a much cheaper contract).

Green Bay will be fine but i'm not sure about Baltimore. I like Flacco alot but he's not the type of player who can carry a team like Rodgers or Brady can. But maybe he'll take that next step now with the team building around him instead of the defense or ray rice offensively.

u cant have a great passing attack without great wr play. come on man.
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