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Default Re: The Ravens and Joe Flacco Have Agreed to a New Contract

Originally Posted by knickballer
Usually a great QB or passing system will create the WR's. Look at Green Bay, Jennings who was considered to be a elite WR misses practically the whole year and that passing attack doesn't miss a beat with other players come in and fill the gap. Now Jennings is dispensable and not worth the $$ he's looking to get.

It's pretty much the same for all of the Elite QB's. Brady hasn't had great passing targets in his career albeit Randy Moss(he was considered washed up when coming). A guy like Wes Welker has put up #'s as good as anyone in the league and yet no one considers him elite and you have people saying he's a product of that passing system.

cant buy what you are selling here. Jennings is worth that $$ just not to the Pack cuz they got 3 and 4 other guys who can play. He's worth it on the rams.

Retreads like Ocho and Lloyd didnt come close to what Moss did. Welker isnt a product of the system. Hes a really good player. Pats know that. Theyre not looking to move on with random guy making 2mil base salary. Thats some long standing myth Brady hasnt played with talent. Hes not throwing for 4500 yds and 30 tds with those receivers in miami.
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