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Default If you have a friend going through a really hard time, but...

..just before his hard times started, you were preparing to end your friendship with him, what do you do?

Over time, my longtime friend and I have become really incompatible. I am sort of offended by his behavior actually, he's rude to people, often treats girls like objects, self centered to the max.

I realized that I needed to put this friendship on pause. Stop hanging around him until/unless he started changing his ways on these issues (This was a whole other dilemma- whether to tell him how he's perceived by me or just keep it to myself).

But just as I was in that process.. the guy was hit with HELL. Death of his father, his girlfriend left him, etc. Financial issues on top of it all.

A part of me says I need to be there for him for obvious reasons. But I also feel like my own happiness and sense of pride deserve better than the way he acts. I really don't want to be around him, his negativity effects me and gets to me. I always walk away feeling dirty being around him.

What would you guys do?

Karmic/Spiritual injection- I love this guy because our history of being best friends. Almost brothers. I know we all have flaws and I'm not trying to paint him as a monster. I had flaws in the past, have flaws now, and will always have flaws. It's not that he's terrible, it's that his way of looking at the world is a severe mismatch with mine, at this point in my life.
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