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Originally Posted by StateProperty
He came in my job. I said what's up to him, shook his hand, he asked me a couple questions about the place and went to the nightclub. Had a sexy white girl with him and a couple friends. Bodyguard (I think? Guy was enormous) was cool too and introduced himself as Chris. Give him props because a lot of celebrities that come in there will ignore you. Nadamkong Suh was a dick to everyone.
Not surprised that AP was a good guy and even less surprised that Suh was a d!ck. A lot of times, we are best off not meeting our favorite sports figures or celebrities, because they are almost never the way we imagine.

I've met plenty over the years as a result of my job also. The nicest major sports figure I've ever met is probably Mario Lemieux. Just a total stand-up, classy guy. In fact, I've found that most professional hockey players are pretty down to earth, for whatever reason.

Biggest jerk was probably Chris Henry (RIP). Arrogant moron was the impression I got.
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