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Default Re: The Ravens and Joe Flacco Have Agreed to a New Contract

Originally Posted by knickballer
You can but you pretty much need efficient salary cap management. WR's adn RB's are usually dispensable with a great passing game. More so with RB's as they are a dime in a dozen and a great passing game can thrive without great WR's. So I don't see both teams locking in huge money into those positions and I won't be surprised if Ray Rice will be dealt in the future(probably a wise move since Pierce is on a much cheaper contract).

Green Bay will be fine but i'm not sure about Baltimore. I like Flacco alot but he's not the type of player who can carry a team like Rodgers or Brady can. But maybe he'll take that next step now with the team building around him instead of the defense or ray rice offensively.
the Packers aren't fine with just Rodgers...did you watch them this year?...they need lots of help on defense, and they have no run game either.

Teams don't win with JUST a QB...the Ravens were stacked from top to bottom, so were the 49ers
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