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Default Re: Comic Book Characters ... who's your favorite?

I'm a glutton when it comes to anything... So my top five are:

1. Deadpool: he's a zany crazy bipolar fool.. no way that I don't identity with him.

2. Nova: Rich Rider to be exact. He is sarcastic and self assured. I love his cocky self indulgence and his bad ass powers.

3. Daredevil: His story is well grounded in reality. He's a serious despondent character. Also I love how noir his stories are.

4.Silver Surfer: His persona is based in pure reality, lacking emotionallity, and grounded in logic. Plus the whole power cosmic is cool.

5. I wanna say The Sentry even tho he's been made out to be very emo. Likely tho its someone more obscure like Quasar. Maybe the flash tho, he's cool too.

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