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Default Re: The Ravens and Joe Flacco Have Agreed to a New Contract

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Nelson, Jones, and Cobb are a great core for any team...along with maybe Finely if they keep him

but they need defense and a RB and they can't fix all that if Rodgers is eating up 1/5th of the team's money

If you told people that would be their WR core before the season people would be freaking out but it turned out to be a good core because of the QB under center. Usually the running game suffers as a result of a great passing attack as the philosophy of the team changes, plus RB's are a dime in a dozen and they can easily be found in the draft..

How many times have we seen WR's who put up inflated stats under great QB's to only fall back to mediocrity once being the "guy" on a new team with a lesser QB?

Originally Posted by Charlie Sheen
cant buy what you are selling here. Jennings is worth that $$ just not to the Pack cuz they got 3 and 4 other guys who can play. He's worth it on the rams.

Retreads like Ocho and Lloyd didnt come close to what Moss did. Welker isnt a product of the system. Hes a really good player. Pats know that. Theyre not looking to move on with random guy making 2mil base salary. Thats some long standing myth Brady hasnt played with talent. Hes not throwing for 4500 yds and 30 tds with those receivers in miami.

He's worth it to the Rams as they don't have a great QB and a struggling passing game but for a team with a QB like Aaron Rodgers it's not needed(Given the CAP situation)

BTW, I think Welker is a great player(Top 5-10 WR). I was trying to imply that before coming to NE he wasn't considered anything special and he thrived under NE's offense.

Oocho and Lloyd didn't come close to what Moss did but as a unit that offense was just as successful.. And Brady's been putting up great stats before Welker, Moss, Gronk, etc.
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