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Default Re: Atheism vs. Theism

Originally Posted by BuGzBuNNy
How do you explain the mind? I'm really interested in knowing how it fits in with evolution or better yet the big bang theory. The existence of a mind is atop the list of "where the hell did this come from?" or "how the hell did that happen?"

First of all it doesn't fit in with the big bang theory at all because it is trying to model a completely different phenomenon. The mind has as much to do with the big bang theory as it does with theories on cloud formation.

This gives a pretty good description of the earlier stages how the nervous system developed

Once early nervous systems came into being the basis for more complex development could begin. Over millions of years specialization occurred and animals became more proficient and adaptable for surviving in different environments. Social animals were very successful and the more altruistic and self sacrificing the animal could be towards its group the more likely that group would survive. As time goes on and the social species (ancestral apes) become more complex they could spend more time caring for their young - giving the young more time to develop after birth. Neural capacity is now allowed to increase again and with it so does development of abstract thought and reasoning.

This is a very abridged version and I might edit it later - I'm sure some of it is wrong. I've been on holidays for 3 months (uni is only just going back this week) so my mind is kind of lazy and mushy right now lol.
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