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Default Re: The Ravens and Joe Flacco Have Agreed to a New Contract

Originally Posted by knickballer
And Brady's been putting up great stats before Welker, Moss, Gronk, etc.

His numbers jumped a huge amount when Welker and Moss got there. They went from 3,529 yards and 24 TDs to 4,806 yards and 50 TDs. It goes both ways.

Sidney Rice, Deon Branch, Peerles Price, Darrel Jackson, Mushin Muhommed?

Rice has had injury problems throughout his career and he's still fairly early in his career. Branch's production didn't really drop off in Seattle. Price's numbers weren't that bad when he had subpar QBs. Jackson had one of his best years when Hasselbeck was in his first year as a starter where he was battling Dilfer for playing time, and he only ended up with 7 TD passes and 2,000 passing yards. Hasselbeck wasn't all that great anyways. Muhammad? So, we're considering those Panther QBs as great?

You also have to consider injuries and chemistry with a different QB/team. If a receiver has terrible QB play then of course his production will suffer. Fitzgerald is a good example of this. If a QB has nobody to throw to, then his production will also suffer, but there's more leeway for a QB since he's not reliant on 1 guy like a WR is. Elway wasn't able to win a SB until Davis got there.
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