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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by LJJ
Eh, the Japanese tend to follow every consonant with a vowel, looks pretty straightforward to me.

I know they do, but I thought it was funny anyway. I'm at work, so can't do youtube, but Chris D'lia has a funny standup about how Japanese people pronounce things.

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Oh, God no, I always hated that screaming banshee. She was awfully annoying. If you want extravagant entrances then go watch pro wrestling. Outside of entrance music, what do they really need? I don't need some Japanese dude in a diaper banging a drum. I'm watching for the fights, not to see a guy walking to the ring with a bunch of lasers and smoke everywhere. That stuff works well for pro wrestling, where gimmicks are a big part of it, but it's just so unnecessary for MMA.

There's still a lot of fighters that come out of the tunnel very gimmicky, with masks or whatever. Although I usually find that stupid, I liked the Pride introductions with the big screen. I think it's fitting for such big events.
Of course, the fights are what's most important, but intro's can get you (well, me) pumped up for a fight, or even a basketball game. I'd take the Wanderlei Silva Pride entrances over the one he had this weekend anyday. I guess opinions differ on this. I really dislike pro wrestling by the way (yet respect the craft).
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