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Default Rockets may want Aaron Brooks

hatever the case, Brooks appears to have cleared the 48-hour waiver period and could be headed back to Houston, Yahoo's Adrian Wojanarowski reports. Yes, the same Rockets team that traded him to Phoenix at the 2011 trade deadline for Goran Dragic. Why not? Dragic is back in Phoenix now.

Brooks' issues in Houston really started in the summer of 2010, when after his Most Improved season, he was eligible for an extension, but GM Daryl Morey would not give him one. Morey was ahead of the curve here as players going into the final years of their rookie deals are routinely allowed to go into restricted free agency these days under the new CBA. But the '10 stalemate happened under the old CBA, when extensions for players coming off a season as good as Brooks' '09-10 were almost sure things.

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