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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Supposedly something big is going down in the next two weeks as well. We will see.

The dook game is going to be one of the most important games UNC has played in a while, recruiting wise. Everyone is showing up at the game for their OV or UV. Namely Wiggins, but also Vaughn, Kennard, amongst others.

FSU had their chance. I heard the visit at UK wasn't so great for Wiggins. He's at KU right now as we speak. I'm watching the game between KU and Texas Tech and it's a 63-33 game.. Even I have to admit Phog is probably the best environment in college basketball, so that the game is a blowout against a shitty team helps.

imo, there's nothing like celebrating on Franklin Street after beating dook. A great game and breakfast with Roy could go a long way. Likely still a long shot, tho. However, I think Roy moving to the small ball (which he would have to play again next year if PJ and Reggie return and a Wiggins commitment) might be more influential than some think. That's our wildcard.

oh, anyone watching the UConn-Notre Dame women's game? That one ND girl is pretty cute...

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