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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

Originally Posted by sixerfan82

'Clear' is meant to describe a cleanse of the soul in this episode. Think about it like this. In the first episode(assuming you've seen them all), Morgan's wife turned and he has her lined up in his sights, he literally just needs to pull the trigger. In this episode we find out that his son(Duane) comes to interact with his mother, but can't pull the trigger in time and thus his mom wind's up killing her son. Circle back to Morgan, who had the chance to kill his wife and didn't, later wound up killing his soul reason for living.

This is paralleled against Rick's situation.

Morgan now see's this as an unacceptable fate for anyone to endure, and thus makes it his mission to 'clear'(you can use it in a sense of removal or atonement) the world of zombies so that no one else has to see their family destroy their reason for living.

To comment on the guns..yes it was an option for him to come back to the camp, but it doesn't make sense. Morgan was clearly safe there, the only real danger is to that of living visitors.

Exactly. And it manifests itself physically in his literally "clearing" his traps. And putting the zombies to burn. That's what he's actually doing right after his rant. But yeah, his story is meant to be a butterfly effect against Rick's, which I didn't actually remember until they showed the "previously on" segment before the show, which also ruined the reveal of him for me, but whatever.
It would've been cool for him to join the group, but this moved his arch to a logical conclusion. It would be cool if the group joined him and became a more aggressive zombie eradification mob. That'd make more interesting programming.
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