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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

Originally Posted by WillyJakk
Well I wasn't exactly saying on a daily basis but you would think it'd be ideal to do it in a situation like the prison (or even Hershel's farm but too late for that) when an area needs to be cleared out, they could have a specific set of clothes to put the zombie blood etc on them then clear out the walkers slowly but surely instead of doing the same sneak attacks, way more safe imo.

They could even do it on food and supplies missions but for some reason it hasn't even occurred to them again.

Only issue would be other survivors killing or shooting at them thinking they're walkers.

They do only use the smell concept when it's convenient for them. They totally ditched it at the start of season two, when the horde came at them and they were hiding under the cars. TDog was hemoraging blood, but none of the zombies could smell anything, and didn't react until they heard noise. It was a nice concept, something to specifically seperate their zombies, but they aren't as consistent with their concepts as they could be (that was one of the interesting things about that first season and a half of True Blood, was that they invented these vampire concepts, like the being invited in, the silver, and they kind of made them work all over the story).
They do kind of hint at the smell thing though from time to time, like Michone and her chained zombies, and recently Andrea used the chained zombie to get to the prison.
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