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Originally Posted by flipogb

Riley is more hands on. If there is a problem, he's wise enough to measure the situation and reach out to fix it. If there are knots, he'll get right in the middle of it and untie it.

Phil Jackson just doesn't have that quality. He sits down and lets things get out of hand and won't do anything until it's too late. That coaching style often makes the team vulnerable because Phil's just a chicken shit and afraid to get into the middle to touch anything.

Phil's pretty much a wimp in the locker room when dealing with a bratty ego. The only time he dares to talk is when he's writing a book. But he won't say anything to the guy's face when he's around.

Riley is none of that bullshit. If he sees a problem somewhere and he's troubled by it, he'll cut the BS and tell it how it is. Shaq obviously respects that type of authority more than Phil's wishful-thinking and passive approach.

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