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Default Re: Story about Kobe from a trainer that worked with him recently (Reddit, r/NBA)

Originally Posted by SyRyanYang
Well, not many stars work that hard AFTER they achieved everything just so we are clear pauk

Just so we are clear SyRyanYang most actually do if some injury doesnt hold them back, especially a player of Kobes caliber who has achieved "everything".... and i bet Kobe thinks he clearly has not achieved enough, why do you think he works this hard? For fun? 2 rings as the man and 1 MVP in 16 years is nowhere close to enough to what he wants and works hard for...... if he doesnt get what he wants then he at least can still be one of the top players in the NBA and continue to add to his stat totals... his durability will also be noted in his legacy.... so his work ethic aint really a lose-lose situation....
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