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Default Re: 2013 NFL Draft Discussion

Anyone know if DT whose name I cant spell right now is cleared of his heart issue? Thought he was going to take care of that after the combine. Seems his stock has dropped and Floyd took him over as the first DT that could be taken. Thats another guy I wouldnt mind Eagles taking but that heart shyt eh

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
McShay tweeted that he thought Fisher could go #1 overall, that was after the combine but before KC franchised Albert

I believe he has Fisher ahead, or close enough to where it doesn't matter

Lane Johnson completely blew the combine up...his stock is huge right now, but perhaps he is more of the "potential/high upside with risk" side

it doesn't matter if the Eagles like Joeckle the best tough, because the other two are so close it would be really dumb to trade up for him...unless they just lose a late pick or something...but they wouldn't, they would have to give up their 2nd round pick to make that jump, and that is ridiculous in this draft.

I hope the Eagles do that, because I think it would set them back, but I don't see the gap between Joeckle and those others nearly big enough to do it.

First when did Albert get franchised? I thought that was Dwayne Bowe and you could only franchise one player. Correct me if I'm wrong altho I'm gonna google this news anyway.

Second why are you boosting up the combine results so damn much? So all of a sudden when Joeckle was the clear cut best LT in the draft. When many mocks including the site you religiously follow walterfootball has him as the #1 pick. It means nothing now after comebine workouts as 2 guys just emerge as good as him? Stop it. Those two helped their stock no question no argument. They didnt do enough to make anyone question, second guess Joeckle going #1. I agree with Carbine you dont draft potential top 5.

Third I dont want the Eagles to trade up for #1. I fully understand the arguments for Joeckle and in fact he is a guy I want. But I like some of the defensive playmakers in this draft just as much as him. So I'm torn, just dont want to give up more picks for Joeckle when I feel this is a draft that you could add some pieces where 3-4yrs down the road you the selections on how much you hit. So I agree with you on not making the leap. But my point stands and Eagles were just used as an example. We still have individual workouts with guys as well. I dont buy no one will trade up for the #1 in this years draft. Not at all. If it happens you will spend more time saying it was stupid than addressing what you initially said wouldnt happen.
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