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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Skylar Diggins? That's how we grow em in Indiana, cute girls that will light you up one on one.

Anyway, Gonzaga's #1 obviously. Purdue has more top 25 wins than them, and Purdue'll be lucky to make the NIT. I really wish so much emphasis weren't put on rankings, at least not with this just "welp, vote for you who think's good" formula. I mean I'm sure we all read plenty of college hoops writers and whatnot, they're mostly idiots. That's who decides the rankings.

Yeah, and the whole big name thing. But it's less about wins than it is about losses.

That's why LOSING TO IOWA is unacceptable. I bet looking at the last 2 Illini games, they would have been better off winning at Iowa and losing at OSU( which we will prolly do anyway, but who knows) than the other way around even though OSU just beat indy and has a great team.

Sad shit. But I guess when you come out and lose a game you're supposed to win, people overreact.

Long story short, 2 losses and you're number 1 when everyone else has 4+. I'm happy for them, though, because they have never been number 1. Gotta be great for their team even if they will likely get smashed in the tourney lol.

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