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Default Re: Raptors have lost 5 straight games

I think questions of "identity" fall on the shoulders of the GM and the coach. If you listen to coach Spoelstra's interviews and interviews of Heat players they say we are a grind it out, gritty, defensive team. You don't have to have their type of personnel though to have an identity. It all depends on the lineups, and what is stressed/emphasized in practice. Casey seems to be a guy who SAYS one particular thing is important but when it's game time the team just looks like their going out there and doing whatever. Some games JL3 will play 25 mins and some he won't get off the bench. Sometimes Ross is in the rotation sometimes he isn't. Sometimes Val gets a good chunk of mins most of the time he doesn't. Randomly Bargs is getting more minutes now with no justification for it. It just seems like one giant mess.
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