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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

I remember watching early last season and couldn't wait for PJ and Reggie to become our starting wing combo. Of course that was when PJ was hot, and then he went in a ridiculous slump for like the last 85% of the games.

But, oh boy, those two can ball. North Carolina grown kids too! Got to love that.

I'll tell you what... Some team is going to get a very good player late in the first round with Reggie Bullock. This draft or next. The guy almost never makes a mistake (although this game wasn't his prime example) on either end of the floor, pretty talented at the simple pass, deadly spot up shooter, good at freeing himself, never forces a shot, tremendous rebounder, arguably the best defensive player in the ACC, if not one of in the country... All at 6-7 for the SG position.

The list goes on. I just named the obvious stuff. He's truly a throw back Dean Smith type of player, and I love it.
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