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Default Re: Donatas Motiejunas. Future all star.

Originally Posted by Cermet
I just hope that he gets his minutes. There is no point in starting him if you only play him 15 min a game. Sometimes you have to get through a shooting slump and the rockets are expecting him to shoot 80% percent from the floor instantly it seems.

Also what do you think about his rebounding ? it seems really really streaky for some reason. Last game he got only 1 rebound and the game before he got 6 rebounds in 1Q. Don't really know if he is a good rebounder or not but I guess if he lacks defense the rebounding isn't that great to.

I know they are really different and play different positions but how would you compare


What are their strengths and weaknesses ? Who has more upside?
Motiejunas will definitely get more minutes over time as far as I can tell. He's getting stronger and improving on the defensive end. Yesterday his shot was pretty off after a few nice buckets close to the basket and he was slow on the defensive end so he got pulled. I think McHale was probably annoyed when he threw a fancy pass to Asik that got lost. I wouldn't worry about his playing time, McHale isn't exactly smart when it comes to rotations anyways.

I think he rebounds pretty well, even if he isn't that strong yet, and I think it has to do with his positioning, and his height helps too. He has good bball iq and he often knows where to position himself and box out. I'm not sure why he only grabbed 1 rebound yesterday, didn't really notice. It might've been because the mavs were making easy buckets in the paint though lol. I'll have to see some more games from him to tell I guess.

I haven't seen enough of Valanciunas tbh, but from what I've seen but he seems to play with more power I suppose, rebounds well and gets blocks but his offense seems raw and probably mostly comes from putbacks and cleanup baskets. Motiejunas' game is based off finesse, he has an impressive post offense repertoire considering his youth, and his passing and bball iq is pretty good. Motiejunas looks comfortable around the basket and he can spin with no hesitation and leave defenders in the dust. I don't know who will be the better player, but if Motiejunas can improve his defense and get stronger he'll be very well off.
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