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Originally Posted by Dr. Cheesesteak
So, I've started playing at the gym on saturdays the past handful of weeks. There's almost never enough for 5's full court, it's almost always 2's or 3's half a lot more driving. There is this 1 guy who shows up maybe every other week or so and travels on almost every drive - 3-step eurosteps or 3-step spins.

Some players don't seem to react/care, but it bothers other players, including me, who are fundamentally sound and actually respect the game (). A couple of us have muddled it under our breath before, but of course we let it go - we don't wanna be "that guy". Except now he's been showing up more often and it's starting to get annoying as hell, especially considering the guys is kind of a douche - almost as if he knows no one will call it on him.

What are your guys' thoughts? Is it proper etiquette to call, even enforce travels? Should I just check him on that third step and say "oh sorry, I was trying to box you out b/c I thought you'd lay it up after that 2nd step, since you're supposed to lay it up after the 2nd step"?

I would call it. Everything ****ing time until the guy stops.....if it's a guy who is terrible and barely gets the ball and doesn't know how to play very well, I might let them off, but someone can play and deliberately travels. I would just go get the ball and say no point if he scores.

Straight up I'd enforce it, and I've played streetball on all kinds of courts....

obviously it's got to be obvious for the call, not like the super duper confusing did he or didn't he james harden which case you kinda of got to let it go if you're not sure.
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