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Default Re: Donatas Motiejunas. Future all star.

Originally Posted by Cermet
wtf?? you just told me before that Motiejunas was crap(defensively)

He is right now... that doesn't mean he always will be. He's flat out missing defensive assignments (example "not getting back"), which tells me his knowledge level is not there yet, but he's a ROOKIE so I expect him to improve. He's not a vet.. hence why he isn't or shouldn't have been getting vet minutes. He's a developing player, part of that development process is playing a limited role (especially when he's hurting the team on the defensive end) and not putting too much on his plate. You expect the Rockets to just throw him out there, "team be damned" and that is flat out wrong.. especially smack dab in the middle of a heated playoff race.

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