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Default Re: restoring an old car

Originally Posted by Crystallas
I've done quite a few. I'm more into retromodding classics now(taking a previously crap model with an exterior design that I'm interested in, and implanting newer and more reliable and overall better set of mechanicals and electronics). And I also agree, restoring a car is something every "man" should experience.

I did a few Mopars(67 cuda, 69 charger, 72 roadrunner, 73 roadrunner), a 69 camaro, a 73 911, and a 71 torino as full restores. I did a 82 Lynx retromod with a 2.3 duratec, a skybird with a 3.8, and right now I'm hunting down a first gen honda accord, and I'll plan the retro mod once I get my measurements.
Also, my first 15 cars were from salvage yards. I didn't buy a brand new car until the mid 90s. LOL

Nice choice. I was thinking of doing something similar at one point, and building up an OM603 diesel for it.
Have you ever restored a Euro Import?...I imagine it is a bit more difficult and expensive
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