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Default Re: restoring an old car

Originally Posted by boozehound
Im not really into it, but I helped my dad and brother restore my bro's 1960 Cadillac. Beautiful car. Also helped with my dads, 1936 caddy, but that wasnt a complete restore. Its a huge time and money sink, so be careful. Come to think of it, I have tinkered (not a full restore outside of the 60) on a 76 el dorado convertible, 1974? cadillac limo, 1971? tbird (one of the ones with suicide doors) and a couple of others in terms of collector cars. Really, you have to have the passion for it as well as the expertise (or access to it). My bros 60 has an air suspension (pretty rare) that was incredibly fickle and took months of ****ing with to get it right. Of course, now its sweet, with a smooth ride and a dash switch that can raise and lower the car.

You are better off throwing your money down g strings and up your nose IMO. zing

How hard can it be?

Source parts, clean up parts and install. The hard stuff you just pay someone to do it.

Money is a hard part too.
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