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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by Grinder
He probably means "good basketball" overall during these past few weeks and rather than just a single game and he's right. The last few weeks they've had to squeak out last second wins against unranked teams that won't be in the NCAA tournament and have two poor losses.

I'd say giving them a 2 seed if a long shot unless they win the ACC tourney.
Pretty much this. Right after I defended Miami, calling them a legit contender, they've gone on a two week stretch of really uninspiring basketball for a "contender." First it was narrowly escaping a really bad Clemson team in Clemson. Then they barely beat squeaked out a win over UVA where the game was basically and literally given/thrown to them. Then they get blown out by a bad Wake Forest team and lose at home last night to a bad Georgia Tech team. Right now, they're trending in the wrong direction, while two other ACC teams -- Duke and UNC -- are trending up. I know Miami destroyed UNC a few weeks ago and beat them in Chapel Hill without Reggie Johnson, but I'd still almost be as comfortable at this point penciling in UNC further in my bracket than Miami.

And on the FSU/Virginia game, that sews up the 3rd spot for UNC in the ACC. After what started off looking like another 2010 season, lots of criticism of Roy Williams (in hindsight it was very foolish criticism), and criticism of the team, and UNC is going to finish exactly where they were predicted to finish. As for Virginia, they've gone from all but guarantee themselves a spot in the ACC tournament to possibly being squarely on the bubble and the outside looking in after back-to-back losses to Boston College and Florida State. They really, REALLY need to beat Maryland at home on Sunday.
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