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Default Re: restoring an old car

Well, you have to enter a project car(ESPECIALLY your first) with the idea that it will take you about 5 years to complete.

My first car was a smashed up 82 Diplomat. It wasn't very old, had less than 7k miles on it and most of the work was rebuilding the transmission and bodywork. I started the project in the winter, and finished it by spring. The crazy thing that I remember from it, was replacing the hood. I just said, to hell with it, and made one from fiberglass. So it was my first fiberglassing experience and it actually turned out. But this was a much boxier car, so it was incredibly simple.

(not my car, but this is exactly what it looked like, trim, color but with full hubcaps).
But I got rid of it that summer(made a quick buck) and started another project. I didn't really care for it as a teenager.
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