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Default Re: Tomb Raider is awesome

Originally Posted by niko
if you like Uncharted, this is basically Uncharted with everything done better.

I was just coming in here to make this thread.

I had it pre-ordered and picked it up on the fifth. I didn't want to jump the gun on liking it because I felt like I did that with Dead Space3, and then it's shortcomings wore on me to the point where I stopped playing it.

But I'm now three days into it, and it's at a point where I'm looking forward to leaving work just to go home and play.

The similarities between it and Uncharted are obvious. To be fair, I'm of an age where the first Tomb Raider is a seminal gaming experience for me. Right up there with the original Zelda and Metroid and Resident Evil. So I have a soft spot for Lara, although I definitely lost touch over the years. My interest in Uncharted always stemmed from the fact that it felt like a remake of Tomb Raider.

I'm healthily into the third section of the island. Then I started backtracking a little to beef up a bit. In fact that ability to go backward to track down secrets in an area you've already beaten is a really nice touch.

It's enough different from Uncharted that I'm not sure I'd say it's better. So far my feeling about what Uncharted does better is I think the movement is better in UC (that's pretty much true vs. any game), and I think the camera is set better, which is sort of related.

What I like about this is the things they've added to the formula. The elements of leveling up are a really nice touch, both to the equipment and the character. And using the different elements of points for each. The equipment upgrades by finding "salvage", which is physical material found in boxes or from kills, while the character leveling goes up with XP, based on finding secrets, or achieving certain types of kills, etc.

And so far the levels have had a really great layout. They're really mini open worlds. 3D playgrounds filled with things to climb and jump to. With enough little secrets to find, you really have a motive to explore, and not just head straight to the finish line. Exploring behooves you because it provides all those XP and salvage things you want to perk yourself up. Each level is really a puzzle unto itself.

I like how natural the cover works. You run up to something, and she takes cover. Was that so hard? I'm not crazy about the standard aiming like it's a shooter, I'm more into the adventure element of the thing. But it's not a big deal. I so far find the movement a little clunkier than I'd hoped. For an open setting game, it is very pinned in by pricker bushes and spiked fences, that in spots kind of push you in a direction more than I'd hoped. It only bothers me because I spend so much time digging around for nooks and crannies. But I'll probably be less bothered by it as I move along and get a better feel for the landscape. And a little too much quicktime so far, but not to the point where it bothers me.

A really excellent game to this point.
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