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Default Re: Contract Extension for Rudy Gay?

BC has a soft spot for the draft class of 2006


Well I guess we will see what it looks like in time.. I mean the contract.


More fundemental than the amount of money or the number of games he played here ( I think ) is whether Rudy is the guy that will be the face of the franchise to other players and agents.

We have had 2 legit all stars here - Vince and Bosh and neither would be that player. Vince was for a brief time ala Hakeem signing... but then he simply lacked the heart to see it out... past 1 year. He would'nt stay to see it built over time...

There is an argument that is legitimate that says if you have a << insert here >> (i.e. Paul Pierce, Kobe, Duncan, etc) you can attract others ( i.e.a Ray Allen) and or it becomes easier to keep the draft picks here.

The question is can Toronto be that attractive?? 4th largest city in North America, border, misdemeanor for carrying pot, 10th in NBA revenues and attendance.

This is of course "excatly the opposite" of the supposed BC plan in 2006 when he was going to build "International Central" and compete for championships with internationals and a few select US college grads.

Kind of role reversal.

A lot depends on the contract obviously

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