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Default Re: Lebrons 45-15-5 game vs Celtics Game 6 (video)

Originally Posted by Bigsmoke
The Pistons went to the Finals in 2005 and didn't play the Cavs

u mean the 2007 Pistons that finish with an even better record the year after they were called "old" and "done"

Sheed: 32 and still an All star
webber: he old 34
Prince: 27
Hamilton: 29

thats REALLY old right there

The frontcourt of Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace, in their prime, was what made that team special (Sheed being an All-Star in 07 speaks more to the awfulness of the EC at the time than his play).

Webber did not gel at all with the team and Flip Saunders' has never shown any playoffs chops in his long long career.

The fact that only the two least important players on the team were in their 20's is evidence enough for me. And the bench was thin/old as well.

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