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Default Re: Things so uncool they are cool.

Karma Chameleon.

Literally the gayest thing I've ever heard in my entire life.
But its so gay it's catchy.

George Michaels - Careless Whisper.
The entire premise is awful the cheesy jazz music but bloody hell it's good.

SNakes on a Plane obviously

Seed of Chucky. How fukking reatrded do u have to be to create some kind of peaceful child off two stone cold killers.

The hellraiser eighth installment of the film where there's a bunch of teenagers playing some online dark mmorpg wearing choker necklaces and shopping at hot topic saying stuff like "rad" or "tubular" holy fukking shit couldn't cringe harder but couldn't look away either was captivated

mesh shirts

bollywood in general has some retarded sh!t my god.

add any film regarding a female action hero like salt or aeon flux.
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