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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

I actually didn't mind the loss. I'm not a believer in moral victories but I thought the guys played better vs OKC then they did in their past 2 wins. OKC is the better team. Let's face it.

I like what I saw out of Martin. He was aggressive, he gave those 90's Anthony Mason fouls, he attacked the rim and he appeared to be physically able to withstand significant minutes.

Tyson Chandler...... Woody should have played him more down the stretch I guess but honestly, he wasn't much of a factor when he was in there. He was just getting his shot punched and getting out of dodge whenever Westbrook drove the lane.

Kidd, nice rebounding night but once again gave us nothing offensively. He had a nice steal in the 1st half but I can't begin to understand how he gets so many minutes.

Shump appears to be "back" defensively but he went back to being tentative offensively last night. He needs to see a sports psych.

Amare got off to a hot start then fizzled out. I don't know if it was because of the substitutions, JR taking the bulk of the shots, or what. He was aggressive despite getting his shot punched so I can't be too mad. He actually played some defense last night too!

Novak....I'm so over this dude. He reminds me of chicks with tongue rings back in HS. I kept hearing about how great that one thing they did was going to be but they usually had a bunch of other issues and ultimately, even that wasn't all that great.
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