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Default Re: Hitting your kid - Is it necessary?

Originally Posted by joe
For those with kids, do you hit them for discipline?

I'm more interested to hear from those who DON'T hit their kids. How do you go about getting them under control when they're acting wild?

If they're wild, release them into the woods after midnight.

Sorry, I had to.

Each circumstance will have different solutions. Never say never. My lady(not married, don't believe in it) and I agree that hitting is bad, as we both came from abusive parents. But also we recognized if our kid ever hurt anyone on purpose, that we wouldn't rule out a spanking. Luckily, we never needed to resort to such disciplinary measures. The fact is, loving parents create loving children.

If they get out of control, you find the source. 9/10 it's sugar. that 1/10, you sit them down and talk, monitor them for remorse. None of it is an easy task.
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