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Default Actors that should be in certain roles ..

I remember reading a while ago that Edward Norton was going to be in the Avengers as the Hulk. That would of been pretty awesome. The Avengers was a travesty: there was absolutely no acting, the plot didn't make sense, and it seems like they were just throwing random characters together to make it all work (the Robin Hood guy springs to mind). With Norton, I was thinking, it would of been a bit more serious. I'm not exactly a big fan of his, but he was spectacular in American History X. There was this one shower scene where a bunch of dudes decided to rape him in the butt. The emotions he expressed on his face was so realistic it gave me nightmares during my teenage years. I mean this movie was scarier than the Exorcist or a Nightmare on Elm St. COMBINED based on that 2 minute scene alone. Had he been in the Avengers, the movie would be better by 10x hands down.

Also, Tommy Lee Jones was supposed to be the role Sean Connery played in the Rock. Leo Dicapprio was supposed to be the next Batman (Batman Begins), and Will Smith was the first option for Django. Jamie Foxx was a total stiff and couldn't even do a proper slave accent, so imagine if the acting prowess of Will Smith was displayed for that role. He would of tore it up and made the movie 2x more enjoyable.

What other stars do you think should of played the roles they were initially meant for.

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